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Each year we do a fundraiser for our Youth Leadership Program and we have used for the last couple of years, but we have been increasingly dissatisfied with our customer service from In the last two years we have had a large number of items with dead batteries or that do not work.

Due to a poor return policy we have just had to suck up the cost of the broken items and that has hurt our youths' efforts to raise money for their program.

Additionally, this year we were tricked into buying insurance that we did not want and were not able to get it refunded. Due to product unreliability, harsh product replacement policies, and poor customer service we will no longer be using cool glow for our fundraisers and would recommend other people find another service to buy glow items from.

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Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1301634

They are stealing you money they . Don't use that company

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States #921636

Try All of their products work and their price is pretty much the same.

They have been around longer and the owner even answers the phone.

Who does that anymore? Their site had A+ Better Business bureau rating.

Los Angeles, California, United States #774812

Personal opinion but I find that the best alternatives in the market for these type of products right now are and

I've found both companies are very pleasant to work with, their products are as shown on their sites. I know they hand test all products and both have customer service staff that actually care about their end customers.


They screwed up my halloween order last year. I ordered 50 or 60 green led necklaces.

They sent me all white ones, when I tried to contact them, they basically said I had to pay for shipping again to ship back to them and then to ship back to be.

You are better off going to ebay or amazon if you still want to buy from them, they(amazon and ebay) will most likely back you up. Buyer beware.


Same issues with us from Aewful quality and even worse customer support (none in fact) Stopped using them last year and now order all glow from - these guys have excellent quality product (looks like they hand test anything with batteries before shipping) and great customer service response if anything does go wrong. (they shipped glow gloves instead of LED gloves) I called, got an immediate response and they sent the correct gloves with no charge and instructed me to keep the original ones due to the mixup.

Stay away from Cool Glow, use Glowproducts instead!


I agree with you. sucks and has poor quality products and to top it off they have the worst customer service.

I would warn anyone against doing business with them. Jeremy Adams is the manager I worked with and he did not give me reasonable answers to my questions.

Jeremy Adams is the manager at and he does not respect his customers. Coolglow is a scam and I would stay away from them if I were you.

Kapaa, Hawaii, United States #634693

Our Team for Relay for Life fundraises every year for the American Cancer Society. We have done business with for the last few years and have found this to be our last!

Not only did they tell us they wouldn't do anything to help, but they didn't seem to care that we would take our business elsewhere. The LED tube bracelets that we ordered (and waited for over the amount of days promised) are ***! The batteries don't last and people came back unpleased with us. Some of the other products we purchased were dead and wouldn't work either.



Thank you! Can you recommend a better company from which to order similar items?


I too just purchased some items and was told there is a 25 % restocking fee for what I do not know ? Rip off total rip off unopened product not used.

I had to to cancel items for my party due to the horrible hurricane.

Which is really reasonable not to need the products and I guess they do not care about the people who suffered enough!!I will NEVER buy from them again!!This is a ludicrous implemented policy and I will give my business to a larger based company that doesn't send back unopened merchandise that by the time you pay to ship it back and a 25% restocking fee . YOur almost forced to keep the product!


I also received defective/broken items from Coolglow and am learning here that I just lost my money... I bought 12 halloween wands, 6 of them were either broken/defective.

It wasn't packed properly. No response from them. DO NOT BUY from COOLGLOW!!!

Never!!! :(



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